Sunscreen and Vaccine Adjuvants: As Harmless as You Are Led to Believe?

Imagine being informed to consume or use something that seems innocuous and is inspired by way of those with data and stature. Recent studies have proven that sunscreen does more harm than excellent.

Vitamin K: It Helps More Than Just Bones

Nutrition K2 has an important reputation for helping bone well being. Whereas that is frequently your complete focus of diet K2, its capabilities and results on well being goes well beyond bones.

Western Diet Causes Cycle of Brain Damage and Obesity

Ongoing research displays us from a well being viewpoint simply how dangerous Western diets are to the human brain and metabolism.

How to Eat for Blood Sugar Health

It’s essential to understand blood sugar health and how to eat in an optimal way to support healthy insulin function. This will help you more easily burn fat for fuel and keep weight off.

Viruses, Vaccinations, and Depression

The cry for mandatory vaccinations due to recent measles outbreaks has caused major sparks. In addition, viruses that were once thought dormant are now recognized causes of depression.

Thyroid and Muscle Health Linked

Decline in strength and muscular tissues? Thyroid hormone performs many roles within the physique, including how we build and handle muscle.

The Mind-Body Benefits of Exercise

Aerobic exercise helps improve mood, fortify cardiovascular health, give a boost to brain repair, and more! Plus, uncover train restoration nutrients.

Steroids Increase Breast Cancer Metastasis

Glucocorticoids for breast cancer? Taking glucocorticoids whereas preventing breast cancer has been linked with elevated metastasis. Are you aware about the risks?

Best Nutrients for Postpartum Health

Uncover the top nutrients to lend a hand your physique recover after being pregnant so that you may be your best possible self to your new little one.

New Postpartum Depression Drug Carries Hefty Risk

The FDA not too long ago licensed a brand new drug, Zulresso/brexanolone for postpartum depression and it comes with a Black Box Warning. Get the tips before you imagine it.