Common Sleep Meds Highly Addictive

A category of drugs known as Benzodiazepines, also referred to as downers, are licensed for insomnia, anxiety, and extra. Benzos have confirmed to be very addictive and will have to be used with warning.

5 Reasons You Need Magnesium

Magnesium is accountable for so many different procedures happening within the body, it must be often called the miracle mineral!

Glymphatics: Keeping the Brain’s Waste Removal System Healthy

Your brain has a built-in system to remove toxins and trash while you sleep called the glymphatic system. Malfunctions in this system are linked to Alzheimer's, impaired cognitive function, and more.

Make Sure Your Kids Get Enough Omega-3 DHA

The mind is one of the fattiest organs in the body, so it's especially essential to ensure your kids are consuming the suitable types of fats to make their brains happy.

Collagen Peptides Support Joints, Skin, and Muscle Structure and Function

If you feel like your body needs some repair work or it lacks the strength, flexibility, and structural integrity, consider upgrading your collagen status!

Taking a Turmeric or Curcumin Supplement? Read This First

Are you taking a curcumin or turmeric complement? The purity, potency, and absorbability of turmeric and curcumin supplements varies extensively among supplements. Learn this first.

Serotonin Linked with Mood, Sleep, Gut Heath, Thyroid, and More

Serotonin impacts many areas of health, yet remains mysterious. Keep your gut health and nutritional status optimal to balance serotonin in the brain and body.

New Research Confirms The Leptin Diet

A new Japanese analysis study confirms the science at the back of The Leptin Eating regimen in a protracted-term find out about of human well being statistics.

Opioids Disrupt Hormones, Gut Health, and Immunity

We are in the course of an opioid epidemic. These highly effective medicine do help many with extreme, disabling pain, but there's value that the body will pay with lengthy-time period use.

Feeling the Burn: Naturally Support Skin Health & Repair

Overdid it in the solar? Uncover natural easy methods to soothe the burn and help your pores and skin heal.