Big Pharma or Family Owned – Who Makes the Vitamins You Take?

Wellness Resources is a small, family owned company in Minnesota. We make exceptional nutritional supplements and provide personal customer service.

Fluoride Affects Brain Health in Children, Fertility, Thyroid Function

now We have regular, low-level exposure to fluoride in our water and lots of daily merchandise. How is it affecting your well being and the well being and construction of kids?

8 Keys to Dealing with Toxicity

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New Dangers of Glyphosate

The standard use of glyphosate all over the world is alarming. It affects us all one way or another.

Mold Exposure Affects Brain Health, Focus, and Mood

Residing or working in an surroundings suffering from mold is not just uncomfortable, it is usually unsafe to your well being.

Chewing Well and Relaxed Meals Essential for Metabolism, Brain Health, and Healt

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Stress Causing Hair Loss? Protect and Fortify with Nutrition

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Joint Support for Golfers

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Four Ways to Revive Your Energy and Mood

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Boswellia Supports Joints, Bones, Metabolism, Brain, and More

This ayurvedic herb is well-identified for making improvements to joint mobility, flexibility, and comfort but additionally has even more advantages for your body.