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Thyroid TSH Changes Throughout the Day

Have you ever wondered why your thyroid lab tests are normal even when you’re experiencing low thyroid symptoms? Thyroid TSH naturally fluctuates throughout the day and could explain this mystery.

Magnesium: A Notable Mineral Essential for Life

The list of activities that magnesium is involved with is like the Who’s Who of elite physiology. Discover why magnesium is one mineral you don’t want to be lacking.

Support Your Thyroid During Season Changes

Season changes can stress your thyroid. If temperature fluctuations affect your energy and mood, support your gland with these top thyroid nutrients.

Losing Your Hair? Nutritional Status Matters

Hair loss is often the first sign of an underlying condition or nutrient deficiency. Discover which nutrients support better health and improve hair growth.

Three Sneaky Signs of Sluggish Thyroid Function

There are many well-known symptoms of a struggling thyroid such as low energy and slow metabolism. However, here are some early signs that your thyroid is not functioning optimally.

Fluoride Lowers IQ in Children

A 12-year study finds that pregnant women with the highest intake of fluoride had offspring with lower intelligence and cognitive scores.

Managing Autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

In Hashimoto’s, the medical approach fails to address the root cause of the issue. Instead, address the underlying autoimmune condition and feel like yourself again.

Gallbladder Function Requires a Healthy Thyroid

Your gallbladder is important! Keep your gallbladder healthy before removal is necessary. Keep your thyroid function to maintain proper gallbladder function.

Is Teflon Killing Your Thyroid?

A chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) found in Teflon coated non-stick frying pans and other consumer products negatively impacts thyroid function in those exposed. Protect your thyroid!

Common Antibacterial Disrupts Thyroid Function

A common antibacterial ingredient called triclosan is gaining national attention for evidence that it disrupts normal thyroid function. Ensure you are getting enough protective thyroid nutrients.