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High Quality Fish Oil is Extremely Valuable to Health

DHA in fish oil is the most biologically useful omega-3 fatty acid. It is of extreme value to your health, but regretfully lacking in the American diet. Supplementation is a great way to get your DHA.

Sugar, Not Salt, Harms Bones and Strips Out Minerals

Salt has gotten a bad rap over the years for several health concerns including weak bones. However, new research shows it is sugar, not salt, that is stripping minerals out of bones.

3 Key Nutrients to Take If You Drink Alcohol

The holidays are full of celebrating! With this comes the potential to drink more. Alcohol depletes some certain nutrients, so be sure to protect your health and help your body clear toxins….

Protein and Fiber: The Foundation for Healthy Weight Loss

If you’re stuck in a low energy, excess eating mode, that’s a classic sign of getting out of harmony with leptin. Get out of this rut quickly with this high protein, high fiber plan.

Hair Loss and Skin Wrinkles Reflect Mitochondrial Aging

Hair and skin reflect many things regarding health status. What is your hair and skin saying about your nutritional status?

How Soy Affects Thyroid & Hormonal Health

Especially if you have a known thyroid condition you will want to avoid soy in order to achieve healthy thyroid function. Here’s why.

Pine Nut Oil – A Potent Appetite Suppressant

The use of pine nuts and pine nut oil dates back to Greek and Roman times. They have a long history of modulating appetite and boosting energy. The oil contains a unique fatty acid called pinolenic…

Rhodiola Helps Stress, Adrenals, Stamina

Exhaustion, burnout and feeling stressed are common feelings. Fortification with adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola rosea can make a substantial difference in stress tolerance and healthy aging.

Feel Tired-Wired? The Thyroid – Sleep Connection

When you’re stressed, it tends to result in a wired feeling and trouble calming down at night. This has a major affect on how the brain processes thyroid information, and thyroid symptoms can result.

Combat Stress this Holiday Season

Does the the holiday season increase your stress level? Here are the most important nutrients to offset stress and anxiety and promote relaxation.