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National survey highlights perceived importance of dietary protein to prevent weight gain

Atkins Eating regimen, Zone Weight loss plan, South Seashore Weight loss plan, etc., etc., and many others. Likelihood is you’ve recognized anyone who has tried a excessive protein weight-reduction plan. In a new study, researchers found a relatively excessive proportion of girls who pronounced using the practice of “consuming extra protein” to forestall weight gain, [...]

Weight loss programs via virtual reality

There are lots of obstacles that can intervene with weight reduction. For these attending face-to-face weight loss packages, limitations can embody commute, warfare with work and residential, need for childcare, and lack of anonymity. In a brand new learn about investigators proceed to discover different weight administration delivery the way to do away with a [...]

Using mobile phone apps in weight-loss programs

Cell phones the usage of text messaging and monitoring have been shown to be helpful additions to well being programs.

Intermittent fasting may help those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, study suggests

Intermittent fasting is the entire rage, but scientific evidence showing how such regimes have an effect on human well being isn’t at all times clear lower. Now a scientific assessment means that fasting diets may assist those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, alongside established weight loss claims.

Cardio could hold key to cancer cure

Common exercise has been proven to reduce the possibility of growing liver most cancers in a world-first mice learn about that contains hope for patients in danger from hepatocellular carcinoma.

Liver disease: New studies demonstrates lethal link between alcohol, weight

Scientists have printed the deadly impression that alcohol and body weight have on liver illness.

Drinking one 12-ounce sugar-sweetened soft drink a day can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 22 percent, study suggests

Drinking one (or one additional) 12-ounce serving measurement of sugar-sweetened soft drink a day can also be enough to extend the chance of creating type 2 diabetes with the aid of 22 p.c, a new study suggests.

Binge eating curbed by deep brain stimulation in animal model

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) in a precise area of the mind appears to cut back caloric consumption and recommended weight reduction in obese animal models, according to a brand new learn about.

‘Toggle switch’ to burn fat identified

For a very long time, scientists have dreamt of converting undesirable white fats cells into brown fat cells and in this case simply have extra kilos melt away. Researchers have now gotten a step closer to this purpose: They decoded a “toggle switch” in mice which is able to significantly stimulate fat burning.

Tart cherries linked to reduced risk of stroke

For the tens of millions of American citizens in danger for heart disease or diabetes, a food regimen that features tart cherries may if truth be told be higher than what the physician ordered, consistent with new animal research.