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Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Successful

Better health and weight loss are at the top of many people’s New Year’s resolutions! Here are some vital areas of health to keep in check as you focus on improving your wellness in 2018!

Fiber Helps Weight Loss and Toxin Clearance

Fiber helps you absorb toxins, clear fats, and lose weight. Are you getting enough?

Top 10 Health News Articles of 2017

Every week, Wellness Resources publishes health news articles with the latest, cutting-edge natural health science to help you to take charge of your health. Here are the top health stories of 2017!

Gut Bacteria Influences Weight Loss

The old way of thinking was to eat less and exercise more if you want to lose weight. That model is ancient history now. Why is it that some people lose weight only to gain it back? The yo-yo…

5 Ways to Recover From the Holidays

January 1st is a fresh start. Resolve to make these tips part of your New Year’s affirmations this year and get your health back on track!

Wellness Resources Top 10 Most Popular Supplements

These are the top 10 most popular supplements from Wellness Resources you are going to want to try. Feel the difference superior quality supplements will make for you!

Osteoarthritis is a Metabolic Disease Related to Leptin

It used to be thought that osteoarthritis was simply due to wear and tear, trauma, or old age. Science now considers leptin as the link between obesity and osteoarthritis shifting symptom management.

New Blood Pressure Guidelines Miss the Mark with Nutrition

Just a few weeks ago, the American College of Cardiology released stricter blood pressure guidelines making headline news. There are many things you can do naturally to decrease blood pressure.

Blue Light from Cell Phones Leads to Macular Degeneration

Research shows that blue light from cell phones is damaging to our eyesight and raises our risk of developing macular degeneration and blindness. Protect your eyes with these key nutrients.

Prostate Cancer: Reduce Risk and Support Treatment

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men today. If you have a family history of this cancer, make sure to follow these tips which will reduce your risk at any age.