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Sweet Taste and Food Obsession

New research confirms that the more sweets you eat the more likely it is that your tongue’s sweet sensors1 are disturbed, causing you to eat even greater amounts of sweets just to get a satisfied sweet sensation.  Unfortunately, this craving for sweet pleasure is accompanied by eating too many calories in general and thus weight gain is likely.

We have known for some time that leptin receptors on your tongue go numb to the sweet taste.  Thus, the problem of general leptin resistance—tongue-specific leptin resistance—and extra sweet food consumption go hand-in-glove.  It is important to understand that these are powerful subconscious and misguided cravings, and they lock in extra calorie consumption that is adverse to your health.

Another study also shows that your gut senses the taste of sweets2 just like your tongue does. This triggers the initial and appropriate release of insulin along with a satiety signal called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1).  If your tongue is out of sync with your gut then you simply eat too many carbohydrates or other sweets before you feel full.  On the other hand, if you use artificial sweeteners or no-calorie natural sweeteners then your tongue is further skewed and your gut doesn’t sense the sweet intake at all (the gut needs glucose).  This is why any added sweeteners mess up leptin and your diet.

One way to fix this problem is to go through sugar withdrawal, abstain from eating any sugar, and eat much less carbohydrates for a week or two.  Then when you reintroduce them at meals, carbohydrates and fruit will taste much sweeter to you than before and you’ll be able to eat less of them and still feel satisfied.  You can have a bite or two of a dessert at your main meal, but catch yourself if you start to get back into a pattern of large dessert eating or the desire to have something sweet during the day.

Also, train yourself to eat more vegetables that are bitter in nature.  This helps balance your system of taste, in turn making healthy carbohydrate choices taste sweeter. 

Nutrients in LeptiSlim help cut down your cravings for sweets based on the bitter herbs they contain.  Pine Nut Oil naturally raises glucagon-like peptide-1, which in turn stops your sweet cravings.  Use supplements as needed to help you stay in control of these urges – otherwise they might get the better of you!

Low Thyroid Linked to Fatal Heart Disease in Women

A stunning thyroid study in the Archives of Internal Medicine1shows that women whose TSH scores were in the high end of the normal range were at a 69 percent increased risk for cardiovascular death.

A similar trend in men was also present, but not statistically significant. The range for TSH scores is typically 0.50 to 3.5 mIU/L. Women in the lower end of this range had no increased heart disease risk. As the number increased the risk went up. Women in the middle of this range (1.5 – 2.4) had a 41 percent increased risk, while women in the higher end of the normal range (2.5 – 3.5) had a 69 percent increased risk.

TSH is the signal that comes from your subconscious brain (pituitary gland) telling your thyroid to get going. Scores in the normal range mean that the thyroid is responding to the TSH “phone call,” just not very well. This means doctors will not see these types of TSH scores as a thyroid problem that needs medication – but they are reflective of a metabolic problem that clearly increases the risk of death from heart disease.

What are women to do? Get their thyroid working better. TSH scores come down naturally when the rest of the body works more efficiently. Weight management is one key to the issue, as extra body fat clogs metabolism and forces TSH up. However, stress is another important issue—whether a person is overweight or not. Providing key nutrients that help activate T4 to its biologically active form of T3 is a key to solving this issue, as well as protecting your liver and thyroid gland from free radical damage.

Selenium is an essential nutrient that supports the health of the thyroid gland and assists the conversion of T4 to T3. Manganese and gugulipid help protect the liver and also support the conversion of T4 to T3. Coenzyme B vitamins and ashwagandha are helpful stress-busters.

The take-home message of this very important study is that you can maximize longevity by doing what you can to keep thyroid-related metabolism running efficiently. A thyroid that is struggling, for whatever reason, even if it isn’t “medically in trouble,” is still a sign to take action to preserve your health and well-being. A simple TSH test can tell you where you stand on this risk issue. Also, pay attention to signs of sluggish thyroid such as low afternoon energy, low body temperature, poor mood, lack of coordination, and difficulty losing weight.

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