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3 Steps to Lose Belly Fat

Are you exercising and eating well but still have stubborn belly fat? Here is a plan to burn off excess belly fat!

Jump-Start Your Metabolism in 2019 with a Plan That Works

Do something that works this year to boost energy and metabolism! Lose weight and keep it off.

Protein and Fiber: The Foundation for Healthy Weight Loss

If you’re stuck in a low energy, excess eating mode, that’s a classic sign of getting out of harmony with leptin. Get out of this rut quickly with this high protein, high fiber plan.

How Soy Affects Thyroid & Hormonal Health

Especially if you have a known thyroid condition you will want to avoid soy in order to achieve healthy thyroid function. Here’s why.

Pine Nut Oil – A Potent Appetite Suppressant

The use of pine nuts and pine nut oil dates back to Greek and Roman times. They have a long history of modulating appetite and boosting energy. The oil contains a unique fatty acid called pinolenic…

Curb Holiday Cravings with Pine Nut Oil

Each holiday season, many people fall prey to their cravings and later resolve to slim down in the New Year. Here’s how to stay out of that pattern this year!

How Whey Protein Boosts Metabolism and Weight Loss

High quality whey protein continues to shine for enhancing metabolism and weight loss. Start your day off right with a whey protein smoothie!

Getting Started on The Leptin Diet

The Leptin Diet teaches you to maximize your ability to get energy from the food you eat; meaning you can eat less food and have more energy. This is how you can get started losing weight today!

Thyroid TSH Changes Throughout the Day

Have you ever wondered why your thyroid lab tests are normal even when you’re experiencing low thyroid symptoms? Thyroid TSH naturally fluctuates throughout the day and could explain this mystery.

Taking a Fish Oil Supplement? Quality Matters

You may have heard that you should be taking a fish oil supplement. However, not all fish oil is the same! Use these tips to ensure you are taking a high quality fish oil supplement.