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Green Tea Supplements Boost Antioxidant Status in Overweight Adults with Metabolic Syndrome

Being overweight depletes antioxidants at a faster rate, and exposes a person to potential health problems.  Progression of these problems is reflected by the metabolic syndrome, which is a serious risk factor condition for disease.  Restorin…

Lipoic Acid Boosts Liver Metabolic Function

Your liver is the metabolic factory of your body. It is a key organ involved with the metabolism, distribution, and transport of fat and sugar for metabolic purposes. Lipoic acid is a small molecule antioxidant that is both fat- and water-soluble, enabling it to perform unique protection of your liver as well as your brain and nerves. Lipoic acid also helps metabolize sugar and fat. Several new studies provide insights on how lipoic acid helps you liver function better.

High fructose consumption is known to cause liver stress, fatty liver, and obesity. Fructose as a form of sugar is metabolized differently than other forms of sugar. While your body has no problem metabolizing smaller amounts of fructose – typical in a serving of fruit – higher levels consumed over time cause serious liver metabolic dysfunction. Unfortunately, many Americans who consume high fructose corn syrup reach levels of intake that seriously stress the liver, and set the stage for metabolic problems and eventual metabolic disease.

In one study rats were fed a high fructose diet, with or without the addition of lipoic acid. The high fructose diet caused significant free radical damage to the liver along with a number of adverse metabolic changes. Lipoic acid prevented these adverse changes to the liver. It prevented elevation of triglycerides and insulin resistance while preserving the activity of fat burning genes. It decreased the free radical damage while boosting liver antioxidant enzyme systems. The study supports a great deal of earlier research that shows lipoic acid is a useful nutrient to help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes by improving the health of the liver.

Another fascinating study showed that lipoic acid strengthens the liver genes involved with the biological clocking system. It is now known that the liver keeps time with its own clock genes that are synchronized to the master clock in the brain. This issue of clock function may well be the most fundamental issue of healthy metabolism. The fact that lipoic acid strengthens these gene signals, with the net result of improved fat metabolism in the liver as well as overall better energetic status, is a key finding that explains the fundamental value of lipoic acid to liver and metabolic health.

Another lipoic acid study shows that the R-alpha form was superior for helping wound healing. This form had a specific benefit for boosting vascular endothelial growth factor and epidermal growth factor, while lowering inflammation. Wound healing is often compromised in individuals with high blood sugar. Lipoic acid not only improves metabolism in type 2 diabetic patients, but can also boost wound healing, which is very good news.

Food memories can help weight loss

Dr Eric Robinson: “Our analysis found that if individuals recalled their ultimate meal as being filling and fulfilling then they ate much less during their next meal” Analysis led via a psychologist at the University of Liverpool has found that the usage of reminiscences of contemporary meals reduces the quantity of meals eaten in a [...]

Could lack of sleep cause weight gain?

Pride yourself on getting by with only some hours sleep, however find yourself battling the bulge? Seems, dozing extra may just help you lose undesirable kilos. In step with the Nationwide Academy of Sciences, incorporating wholesome sleep in to weight loss and weight repairs applications could help folks obtain a more healthy weight. In a [...]

Structured weight loss program helps kids from low-income families lower BMI

Chubby and overweight youngsters in low-earnings households can meet or exceed the Expert Committee Recommendations Relating to the Prevention, Evaluate, and Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Obese and Obesity when given access to a structured weight management program, in keeping with a new study published in Educational Pediatrics. The epidemic of chubby and obesity in [...]

Less sleep leads to more eating and more weight gain, according to new CU-Boulder study

Slumbering simply 5 hours an evening over a workweek and having unlimited access to food caused individuals in a brand new learn about led by way of the University of Colorado Boulder to realize nearly two pounds of weight. The study, performed in collaboration with the CU Anschutz Clinical Campus, suggests that adequate sleep might [...]