Exercise Endurance and Energy Linked to Gut Health

Your gut health has an instantaneous affect for your physical endurance, stamina, and recovery as a result of the inter-relationship of intestine plants to mitochondria.

Healthy Gut Flora Is Essential – Are You Taking the Right Probiotics?

The gut microbiome impacts your whole physique. listed Here are some highly researched traces of probiotics proven to support health.

5G Wireless Looming, Health Concerns Abound

Implementation of 5G wi-fi communications throughout the US can have a lasting influence on the health of the world.

Eye Health and Gut Health Linked

The recently revealed “gut-retina axis” describes a fragile inter-relationship between gut vegetation, immune cells that signal the retina, and the eye microbiome.

Curcumin Supports Gut Lining and Health

Curcumin is one versatile and useful nutrient that helps beef up a healthy digestive tract.

Sedentary Lifestyle and Swollen Legs Contribute to Snoring

Working out why you or the one you love snores is important to take charge of your health.

Get Glowing Skin with Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract (EGCG) is making a name for itself as a helpful skin antioxidant, capable of improving skin quality and protection.

Common Meds May Increase Dementia Risk by 50 Percent

Information headlines grabbed the attention of many previously few days with the findings that anticholinergic drugs could lead to dementia.

5 Nutrients that Protect Your Skin

Naturally give protection to your skin with these 5 antioxidants!

MTHFR Gene Defects, Methylation, and Natural Support

Methylation is one giant topic that pertains to epigenetics. Knowing a little extra about methylation can assist optimize health.